About this project

We talk about carbon footprint.

Sustainable development is an undeniable global challenge today. Reducing our carbon footprint is one of the top priority aims in that prospect. What are the actions that one should take as an individual?

We provide information

We aim to make scientific information on carbon footprint readable for the general public. Indeed, such information is generally scattered and presented in hard-to-read formats (peer-reviewed scientific articles, reports from national and international agencies).

to make the best decisions.

We believe that having more information on our carbon impact will be helpful to make the right decisions on what is useful to do. It will guide our steps towards reducing our carbon footprint. For example: Should I take a cold shower? Should I stop eating meat?

Who we are

Sophie Marbach

PhD in Physics. Researcher in biophysics and hydrodynamics at New York University.

Romain Gaillac

PhD in Chemistry, MBA. Data scientist and molecular modeling specialist at Air Liquide Advanced Materials.

Why carbon footprint and not sustainable development in general?

Sustainable development is an enormous scientific topic with numerous questions, and too big to be covered by us alone. Therefore we have decided to focus our efforts on carbon footprint.